5th IEA CCC Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal took place at  Drax power station in Yorkshire, UK on 16-17 September 2015. 

Sixty-six delegates from 13 countries enjoyed great Yorkshire hospitality at Drax power station on 16-17 September, venue for the 5th IEA CCC Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal. Steve Tosney, of Drax Power Limited opened the workshop with a detailed description of the largest user of biomass in Europe. Three of the 6 units have been converted, and there are some discussions about converting a fourth. When the original boilers were built they were over-specified and so are extremely large, which has been an advantage when converting to biomass. Drax Power now emits 12mt/y CO2 less than when it burned just coal. Some of the biomass is locally sourced, but most of the 7mt used annually is imported from North America. 

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